Monday, May 2, 2011

Ganbare Ozawa

I posted an article about the Rwandan Genocide on Blogging for a New World Order. In the article, I argued that France was responsible for the Rwandan Genocide. I explained that France initiated the genocide in an effort to pressure America.

For America, the Rwandan Genocide was a big problem. America had two choices. America could intervene or America could sit on the sidelines. If America decided to intervene, she could become entangled in a quagmire like Vietnam. If America did nothing, America would be severely criticized for allowing the deaths of a countless number of people (which is what happened). France had America in a bind.

Because America wanted the killing to end in Rwanda, America might be inclined to meet the demands of France, which, presumably, would cause France to end the genocide. France wanted two things from America. France wanted America to distance itself from East Asia. France also wanted America to extract trade concessions from East Asia.

Apparently, my government did not like the article I wrote. After gaining 29 cents today due to the $500 million settlement with EchoStar, tomorrow, TiVo shares would drop 42 cents to $9.44. Apparently, after having a day to think it over, the market decided that the $500 million settlement was worse than worthless. Either that or my government decided to drive down TiVo shares because they were mad at me. And TiVo shares continued to fall the day after tomorrow. From May 2 to May 4, TiVo shares lost 53 cents to $9.33.

Vonage shares would go up for one day (I don’t currently have an explanation for why they did this). But then would go down steadily until May 17. From May 2 to May 17, Vonage shares went from $5.05 to $4.41.

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