Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year, 2009

Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea wrote an article about 2009 on the last day of the year.

“2009 was certainly not a year of triumphs for mankind nor human kindliness,” he moaned.

In the article, he complained about, among other things, the failure of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. He blamed Obama for that. He also whined about how America decided against creating a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

In retaliation for those sins, he said the relationship between Europe and America would suffer. He said Britain would soon elect David Cameron (which it did) and henceforth, the relationship between America and Britain would worsen as a result. And he said that Silvio Berlusconi would continue to hang on as prime minister in Italy. Of course, more Berlusconi would mean more political theater and no progress on any issue involving Italy and America. Berlusconi did manage to survive in Italy and there was no progress on any issue involving Italy and America in 2010 that I could see.

In short, Europe was pissed. Boohoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.

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