Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arming both sides

I posted the following on Blogging for a New World Order.
“At the same time we're giving weapons to Iran in order to curry some kind of favor with them, we are at the same time providing intelligence to Iraq against Iran,” said Vincent Cannistraro, the former Chief of Operations and Analysis at the CIA. “When this is finally revealed, it really exposes American hypocrisy and put us in a very bad light. The Iranians understand that we're shipping them arms and at the same time we're giving targeting information to the Iraqis so they can more precisely bomb targets in Iran. From the Iraqi point of view and Saddam Hussein, he realizes that his erstwhile American friends are also arming his enemies. That doesn't help us on either side.”

This quote proves that we supported both sides during the Iran-Iraq War in an effort to get Muslims to kill each other. And we're doing this again now in Libya. We have a bad habit of supporting both sides in a war. This must end. This will not stand.
The next day, TiVo shares fell 12 cents to $9.29. Vonage shares fell 6 cents to $4.60.

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