Friday, May 6, 2011

Another bunch of cowards

I posted the following article on Blogging for a New World Order.
On February 4, France said it would start looking for the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 on March 18. That plane crashed in the middle of the ocean on June 1, 2009. It seems absurd to believe that France would not have been able to find the wreckage in 2009 but would be able to find it two years later. Amazingly, France found the wreckage almost two years later. On May 2, France found the black box.

That isn't the only plane crash France is investigating. Incredibly, France also sent a team of investigators to Rwanda on September 13, 2010 to investigate the plane crash that precipitated the Rwandan Genocide. That plane crash occurred on April 6, 1994. It seems absurd to believe that France could find anything new 16 years after the crash. So what's going on here?

France is doing the same thing that Japan is doing and the same thing that we do. France already knows the truth about both those crashes. France is threatening to reveal the truth. Given that America has been busy trying to reveal the truth recently, or at least I have, I assume that France was not happy with this and decided to threaten to release the truth about these plane crashes. It seems likely, therefore, that America was responsible for both these crashes as I am an American. I don't think it's a coincidence that I wrote my post on the Rwandan Genocide just as France was pulling out the recorder for Flight 447. By the way, to increase the suspense, France has delayed its examination of the Flight 447 black box for 10 days.

I hope France tells the world the truth. But I'm willing to bet just about anything that France will show itself to be a bunch of cowards – like everyone else – and leave the truth buried at sea.
On Monday, TiVo shares lost 2 cents to $9.54 while Vonage shares lost 10 cents to $4.68. I guess my government figured that the article wasn’t too bad. I mostly went after France. Though I did blame America for the two plane crashes.

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