Friday, April 30, 2010

Worst Idea, Worst Human Being Ever

On April 30, the Asahi Shimbun published an interview between Yoichi Funabashi and Louise Arbour, the former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

During the interview, Arbour argued in favor of R2P, or the Responsibility to Protect. According to this doctrine, when a government or a group of individuals commit an atrocity such as genocide, other nations have a responsibility to intervene and stop those actions from taking place. And incredibly, Arbour argued in favor of a proximity clause, which would require nations located next to the atrocity to intervene and end the atrocity.

After reading this interview, I wrote the following in INDB (I slightly edited the comment to prevent Google from removing my website).
This proximity idea is the worst fucking idea I’ve heard in my entire life. I know what you Europeans are doing. This is just setting up neighboring countries to take the fall for the actions in other countries - actions that will probably be instigated by you Europeans. You’re not going to get away with this. Not this time.
Presumably, by having me write this little note, my government wanted to send a message to the Europeans. Actually, Louise Arbour is Canadian, but the R2P idea is something that the Europeans having been trying to foist on the rest of the world for some time now.

I believe that most atrocities are committed by individuals radicalized by western intelligence agencies. And I believe that Europe has been instigating many of these atrocities in an attempt to get America to intervene militarily in foreign countries. These atrocities are a form of pressure. If America refuses to intervene, other nations will denounce us for standing by and watching an atrocity take place. If America does intervene, we risk getting ourselves into a quagmire like Vietnam or Iraq. America is screwed either way, and so creating an atrocity is a good way of punishing America.

That said, with the proximity clause, it appears Europe wants to use R2P to punish nations other than America. Using this idea, if Europe is unable to instigate an atrocity in a country it does not like, for example, in China, Europe can instigate an atrocity in a neighboring country such as Pakistan or Afghanistan and blame China for not intervening. This proximity clause is literally a pro-genocide doctrine that will induce countries into instigating genocide in areas located near countries that they don’t like.

This is why Louise Arbour gets my vote for Worst Human Being Ever.

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