Friday, April 8, 2011

Shutdown averted

An hour before the government would have to shutdown, Congress reached an agreement to avoid disaster. Congress agreed to cut the budget by $38.5 billion. Unless I am mistaken, this number includes the $10 billion in cuts that Congress already enacted.

Before they announced this deal, my government “told” me that if I wanted the public to know the truth, I should oppose the deal and hope that Congress shuts down the government. I thought this was ridiculous. Shutting down the government shouldn’t lead to anything except a damaged economy. In retrospect, my government seems to be arguing that shutting down the government would have enraged Japan. And in response, Japan would have told the world the truth about what was happening. If I knew that Japan would have acted in such a manner, I would have supported shutting down the government. But I still question whether this scenario was a real possibility.

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