Sunday, March 13, 2011

My parents visit me for a third time

Two days after the earthquake, my parents came to Las Vegas to visit me. Once they arrived, we went to Round Table Pizza to eat dinner. While we ate, my father told me that, decades ago, he worked on the design for the cooling system of the Fukushima 1 reactor. While my father was telling me this, my government “told” me that my father would have to testify before a government panel because of the catastrophe and in the process of the investigation, some enterprising reporter would learn about me and my blog and that is how the world would learn about what has been happening to me. Of course, this didn’t happen. But at the time, I thought it would. And with that idea in mind, I decided that I wouldn’t need to convince my parents of anything. I could just wait and let things happen. My story would come out sooner or later. But it hasn’t. My government lied to me, again. They wanted me to believe that I wouldn’t have to convince my parents of anything. That is why they did not drug me the following week. They knew I wouldn’t make any effort to convince my parents that my government was abusing me.

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