Thursday, March 10, 2011

In case you haven't had a chance to look through the WikiLeaks files...

On Blogging for a New World Order, I posted an article that contained a list of interesting facts which I found while searching through the information released by WikiLeaks. For example, missile defense doesn’t work (surprise, surprise), France conducts the most industrial espionage, Britain wanted to crackdown on Chinese state owned enterprises but not on sovereign wealth funds owned by other countries, the Netherlands and Spain are knee-deep in the narcotics business, the Italian mafia is connected to the Taliban through the drugs trade, America may have connections to the Zetas, Al Qaeda moved money through Peru, American Jews and Irish-Americans supported and conducted terrorist operations overseas, Britain may have assassinated U.S. citizens who sympathized with the Nazis, America tried to convince Germany not to arrest CIA officers who tortured Khaled al-Masri, Britain trained a Bangladeshi death squad and told Libya how to garner the release of the Lockerbie Bomber, the British authorities initially refused to crackdown on the radicals at the Finsbury Park Mosque despite pleas from some officials there, and a group of potential terrorists were scheduled to fly on the plane used to strike the Pentagon the day before 9/11 (they ended up taking a different flight, however).

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