Friday, March 18, 2011

The Forgotten Genocide

Project Syndicate published an article about the partition of Pakistan. The partition was ugly, as West Pakistan tried to use military force to prevent the east from seceding. As many as three million people died in the fighting. The author of the article, Sanjeev Sanyal, accused the West of acquiescing to the genocide.

After I read this article, I decided to investigate what had happened. At first, I checked the New York Times website for information. However, at that time, I was having problems with my account there. The New York Times has a system which allows its subscribers to view up to 100 archived articles per month. At this time, I actually had two subscriptions to the online version of the newspaper because I wanted to access 200 archived articles per month. But I was having problems using my subscriptions for this purpose. So I looked for other options.

In retrospect, my government must have wanted me to use another newspaper to research what had happened.

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