Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Equal and opposite

You would think TiVo and Vonage shares would drop today, the day after I posted that article on the Yoshida letter. But that’s not what happened. On the one hand, TiVo shares lost 31 cents to $8.75, as expected. But on the other hand, Vonage shares rose 32 cents to $4.49. That’s pretty weird. It is not often that two stocks go up and down by a (nearly) equal amount. It makes sense that TiVo shares would decline. But why would Vonage shares rise by the same amount that TiVo shares fell? Of course, the net effect was that my Scottrade account went nowhere. But perhaps my government was signaling to me that they had a mixed opinion in regards to my recent article. In general, they do not want me to disclose information about their desire to keep Japan and China separate. But on the other hand, at least in this case, for some reason, they did see some benefit in me publishing that post.

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