Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who said this mystery quote about the Vietnam War?

On his blog, Tom Ricks asked his readers to identify the person who said the following.

The Vietnam conflict was an undeclared and limited war, with a limited objective, fought with limited means against an unorthodox enemy, and with limited public support. The longest war in our history, it was the most reported and the most visible to the public -- but the least understood.

Ricks would later reveal that William Westmoreland said those words. If my memory is correct, after I read this quote, I realized that Kan wanted me to write an article about the connection between the Vietnam War and the return of Iwo Jima to Japan. And so that’s what I started to do.

While Vonage shares soared today, TiVo shares declined modestly. They dropped 16 cents to $10.56. Presumably, my government was trying to convince me not to write that article on Iwo Jima. Over the next few days, TiVo shares would stay at almost the exact same level. On February 16, they didn’t budge. On February 17, they went up by 1 cent. Apparently, my government was in a holding pattern while I wrote my article.

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