Monday, February 21, 2011

Kan's historical mission

While addressing the Lower House Budget Committee, Kan said that tax reform and social security reforms were “unavoidable and important.”

“I’d like to work hard until the last minute by recognizing the reforms as a historical mission of the government at this time,” said Kan.

I am now being “told” that Japan wanted to pursue the issue of raising the sales tax in an effort to goad me into writing articles about Japan’s history.

In the New Diplomacy, whenever someone tries to do something you don’t like, you retaliate by having people like me release classified information on the Internet.

I opposed Kan’s efforts to raise the sales tax because raising the sales tax would decrease the level of consumption in Japan. That would simultaneously take money away from the poor and it would also increase the trade imbalance between Japan and the rest of the world. And so when the Kan administration tried to raise the sales tax, I began disclosing all sorts of secrets that governments wanted to remain hidden.

Though I oppose increasing the sales tax in Japan, to me, the sales tax is not the most important issue that the world faces. The truth is the most important issue. The public must know the truth. History must end.

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