Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ichiro Ozawa strikes back

“A group of 16 lawmakers within the ruling Democratic Party of Japan launched a revolt Thursday that could further undermine the efforts of Prime Minister Naoto Kan to implement policies to reduce the country’s massive debt pile and increase doubt over the government’s stability,” said Dow Jones.

Ichiro Ozawa was widely believed to have been the architect of this maneuver, as the 16 lawmakers consisted of his supporters.

Meanwhile, in Chongqing, Yao Jian, the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, told reporters that China began her economic ascent when Deng Xiaoping traveled to Japan over three decades ago. Yao told reporters that Deng believed China needed the financial and technological resources of Japan in order to grow. Yao talked about the time Deng rode a Japanese bullet train.

“The Shinkansen is so fast,” said Deng. “It was as if it was urging us to dash.”

The prospect of Japan not raises taxes and the prospect of Japan and China drawing closer to one another sent my government into a furious rage. Starting today, shares of Vonage began falling.

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