Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WikiLeaks Founder Said to Fear 'Illegal Rendition' to U.S.

On January 11, Julian Assange attended a 10 minute hearing on his possible extradition to Sweden. As part of the hearing, his lawyers submitted a set of documents explaining why Britain should not extradite Assange to Sweden. According to those documents, if Britain extradited Assange to Sweden, then America might seek his “illegal rendition” to Guantanamo Bay. His lawyers even claimed that America might seek the death penalty against Assange if they got their hands on him.

The court scheduled the next extradition hearing for February 7 and 8.

By the way, during his hearing, Assange gave a thumbs up to his supporters. Not sure what he meant by that.

Presumably, there is some chain of events that would lead to WikiLeaks disclosing the password for the “insurance” file. Perhaps the organization will release the password if Britain extradites Assange to Sweden. Or perhaps the organization would only release the password if Britain extradites Assange to Sweden and then Sweden either convicts Assange of rape or extradites him to America. As far as I can tell, WikiLeaks has never explicitly stated the conditions under which it would release the password.

But the threat remains. It seems like Europe is threatening to do something bad to Assange which would make him release the password. Once again, someone, in this case Europe, is threatening to release information that others would rather remain hidden. Of course, I bet Europe would rather keep that information secret too, but I’m sure Europe has no problem with threatening to release the information in an effort to scare others.

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