Monday, January 3, 2011

My parents come to visit me

My parents and my brother flew to Las Vegas to see me for the first time in five years.

Prior to this visit, I had been having frequent “conversations” with my government about my living expenses. I calculated that I would need to spend about $18,000 per year. I would need some way of earning that money. At this time, my Scottrade account was worth somewhere around $200,000. In order to get by using that money alone, I would need to have a return on investment of over 10% per year, otherwise I would eventually use up that money.

Though I own dozens of different stocks, a good percentage of my money is invested in two stocks – Vonage and TiVo. Over the next year, the price of those stocks would become volatile during or after the time my parents visited me. My government has “made” me believe that they were controlling the value of those stocks. They would increase the value of those stocks when I did something they liked. And they would lower the value of those stocks when I did something they did not approve of.

During the time of my family’s visit at the beginning of January, shares of both Vonage and TiVo rose dramatically. On this day, for example, shares of Vonage rose 6 cents to $2.30 and shares of TiVo rose 14 cents to $8.77.

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