Monday, January 3, 2011

PM must invigorate Japanese diplomacy as global political landscape shifts in 2011

On January 3, the Mainichi Shimbun published an editorial demanding that Japan return to the Yoshida Doctrine.

“For Japan to guarantee the security of its national territory, climb out of its economic slump, and maintain stability in the lives of its citizens, it is imperative that it not isolate itself internationally, and to respond appropriately to changing circumstances,” said the Mainichi Shimbun.

I took this to mean that the Mainichi Shimbun wanted Japan to stop telling the world the truth, as neither the American government, nor the Chinese government, nor any government in Europe, nor any other government in the world, as far as I could tell, wanted the public to learn the truth because then the public would understand that their government consisted of a bunch of criminals. On the other hand, in the last part of that sentence, the newspaper did say that Japan should “respond appropriately to changing circumstances.” I took this to mean that, perhaps, if America or China were to decide that the public should know the truth, then perhaps Japan should tell the world the truth as Japan would no longer be isolated in this endeavor.

In the rest of the editorial, the Mainichi Shimbun, bemoaned the “assertive” behavior of China and demanded that Japan “rebuild” its relationship with America to un-isolate itself.


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