Friday, January 28, 2011

My brother and I go to eat at Yummy Grill Sushi

At 2:45 PM, my brother sent me an email asking me when I wanted to meet up with him. If I remember correctly, I called him soon after he sent that email. Because I was not feeling good, my brother took a taxi to my apartment. From there, we went to have dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Because I was not feeling well, we did not discuss what was happening to me.

Earlier in the day, shares of TiVo and Vonage fell significantly. TiVo shares fell 40 cents, from $9.76 to $9.36. Vonage shares dropped 12 cents, from $3.30 to $3.18. However, after the weekend, on Monday, the shares of both companies returned to about the same level they had on January 27, before they had their one day slide. Shares of Vonage rose 10 cents to $3.28. Shares of TiVo rose 31 cents to $9.67.

Subsequently, my government “told” me that they lowered the prices of those two stocks to pressure me into not telling my brother the truth. After I failed to convince my brother that my government was doing something to me, my government raised the prices of Vonage and TiVo shares to close to their previous level.

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