Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maehara tasked with rebuilding U.S. ties

“The U.S. side has developed distrust toward Japan over the Futenma issue and said they’re in a far-from-celebratory mood,” said one person who is familiar with the diplomacy between Japan and America. “The bilateral talks were downbeat.”

Unfortunately, the Yomiuri Shimbun does not say what Japan did that made America distrustful. But let me take a guess. In 2010, there were a number of people who argued that Japan and America needed a new set of voices to move the alliance forward. I became one of those voices. Of course, in order for me to contribute to the discussion, someone had to tell me the truth about the relationship between Japan and America. I have a feeling America believed that after they told me the truth, I would either join the “establishment” or be killed.

I believe Japan also told America that America could use Hatoyama’s intransigence as an excuse to go after Toyota (which, of course, would improve the position of U.S. automakers).

I think there were other reasons why America agreed to tell me the truth. As a pretext for telling me the truth, I think Japan told America that they could use me to pressure the Chinese government. As the Chinese government does not want the truth revealed, perhaps threatening to tell the truth might make them more amenable to our suggestions on their economy. America would also use me to pressure Europe as well.

But in reality, this plan backfired. After America went after Toyota, Japan moved away from America and closer to East Asia, which was Japan’s plan all along. And the real reason why they wanted to tell me the truth is because they wanted me to pass that information on to the rest of the world. And now America needs to make a decision. Kill me or let me tell the world the truth.

America actually decided to do neither and decided to try to torture me into submission. It hasn’t worked and now they’re in even more trouble.


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