Monday, January 3, 2011

Kan's fate is like 'candle flickering in wind'

The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of ruling apparatus in North Korea, said the fate of Naoto Kan and the DPJ was “like a candle flickering in the wind.” According to the newspaper, the Japanese people had forsaken them because of their “reactionary, humiliating, and sycophantic policy toward the U.S.”

“One is bound to die a dry death if one enforces a sycophantic policy towards the U.S., quite contrary to the people’s mind-set,” said the newspaper. “This is a bitter lesson drawn from the history of Japanese politics devoid of independence.”

Amazingly, North Korea was right. What’s more, I believe they knew what was happening to me. I believe they knew that my family would come to see me for the first time in five years later that day. Had I been able to convince my family that my government was violating my civil rights, had I convinced them that the Japanese government was participating in this endeavor, surely that would have brought down the Kan administration. The fate of the Kan administration hanged in the balance. But I failed. And we had to suffer through another dreadful year.

Hopefully, I will soon succeed.

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