Monday, January 24, 2011

France rallies China, Russia for G20 reform drive

For 2011, France became the chair of the G20. Sarkozy had all sorts of ambitious plans for the year. As far as I can tell, he didn’t achieve anything except get a bunch of people killed. Usually what happens before any multilateral meeting is that everyone decides that they need to put pressure on each other. In other words, they start killing each other and they release secret information on the Internet. Of course, this really pisses everyone off and nothing gets done at the meeting. Things got so bad that by the end of the year, people started saying that we should just cancel the meeting on the WTO trade agreement.

By the way, after I read the article on all the plans Sarkozy had for the year, I wrote the following in INDB (I made some minor modifications to what I wrote to prevent Google from deleting my blog):
You know if the Europeans can call Britain’s response to the Malayan Emergency a success when they got their asses kicked out of the country...and more broadly the Europeans got their asses kicked out of East Asia...if that’s your standard of success then I guess France may be able to achieve results in 2011.
The year isn’t over yet but so far I believe events have vindicated this quote to an extent that even I did not believe was possible.

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