Sunday, January 2, 2011

Backroom politics may be endangered art, but floundering DPJ must learn the basics

The Mainichi Shimbun published an op-ed written by Tamaki Saito, a psychiatrist on January 2, 2011. In that article, Saito said the DPJ lacked the necessary ability to operate behind the scenes. According to him, DPJ politicians said things publicly that should have remained private. Saito also argued that America, with the ongoing WikiLeaks saga, had also suffered through something similar – the disclosure of information that should remain secret.

“What we need right now is not to simply abandon backroom politics,” said Saito. “What we need is to remain unflinching in the face of its wickedness, and to gain a deep understanding of the function that it has had.”

I find it interesting that the Mainichi Shimbun would have a psychiatrist evaluate the necessity of transparency in government affairs. I find it more interesting that this psychiatrist came down on the side of government secrecy. The only reason I can think of why a psychiatrist would be necessary to evaluate government secrecy is because that psychiatrist evaluated what my government has been doing to people like me. What my government has done has certainly been wicked, and it is discouraging to see a psychiatrist promoting the abuse of government power.

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