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Was President Truman most responsible for the outbreak of the Cold War because, he was new and inexperienced?

On Yahoo Answers, I wrote the following in response to the question, “Was President Truman most responsible for the outbreak of the Cold War because, he was new and inexperienced?
Truman wasn't really responsible for any American policy. In a conversation with Marshall Shulman, Truman admitted that he was not qualified to be president.

"You know, there must be a thousand people in this town who can do the job better than I can," said Truman. "But, the job is mine to do, so I have to do the best I can."

The primary reason why we started the Cold War had nothing to do with inexperience. On the contrary, the primary reason why the Cold War erupted was because the West wanted to drive a wedge between Japan and China.

After World War II ended, for a for time, it appeared that America might have good relations with Russia, but the world didn't turn out that way. It didn't turn out that way because after World War II ended, East Asia started giving the West a dose of its own medicine. It started launching insurgencies in colonies throughout East Asia, in India, in Vietnam, in Burma, and in other places.

To deal with the threat posed by East Asia, the West decided to split Japan and China. It forced Japan to align itself with America and it forced China to align itself with Russia. Russia would lead the Communist world while America would lead the free world.

I imagine some of you must be skeptical. For evidence, you should read up on what happened during the late 60s and early 70s.

On March 10, 1968, Edwin Reischauer, the former U.S. ambassador to Japan, wrote an article in the New York Times called, "A Broad Look At Our Asian Policy."

In the article, he discussed the hijacking of the USS Pueblo.

"The Pueblo incident also has its own lesson," said Reischauer. "It shows once again that many Asians are not prepared to live by the rules of the game of international relations devised in the West. Even the Soviets have observed most of the rules and have tacitly developed new ones with us. The Chinese Communists and the North Koreans have repeatedly shown that they have only contempt for these Western rules.”

"While an unprotected American intelligence ship can safely operate 12 miles off a Soviet coast, just as their intelligence ships operate safely even closer to our ports and naval vessels, similar operations along the coasts of a country like North Korea can be undertaken only if we are prepared to provide strong defense support or run high risks," said Reischauer.

Implicit in his remarks is the assumption that Russia and America are cooperating with each other while China and North Korea are definitely not cooperating with us.

On August 17, 1971, Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador to the U.S., met with Henry Kissinger. The meeting took place right after the so called Nixon Shocks, which really "angered" Japan. In the meeting, Dobrynin noted that those events had strained relations between Japan and America. In response, Henry Kissinger said, "Well, maybe this gives you an opportunity." Implicit in Kissinger's statement was the idea that, with U.S.-Japan relations strained, perhaps Russia could use this time to build relations with Japan. Dobrynin had other thoughts.

"No, this gives China an opportunity," replied Dobrynin.

Then Dobrynin told Kissinger that the real danger to the world was a combination of China and Japan.

In 1972, when Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka normalized relations with China, Mao Zedong said the following.

"If Japan hadn’t invaded China, the Chinese Communist Party would not have been victorious," said Mao Zedong. "Moreover, we would never be meeting today. This is the dialectic of history."

Even after the Cold War ended, to this day, America and Europe have tried their best to keep China and Japan apart from one another. But it's not working. And the West knows it. And China and Japan know that the West knows it. That's one of the reasons why, if you look at the faces of Obama, Biden, or Hillary, they all seem scared and shell shocked. And here's one more reason why they're so scared, because everything the West has done will soon become public knowledge.

History ends here.

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