Friday, December 3, 2010

Throw the WikiBook at them

Charles Krauthammer wrote an op-ed about WikiLeaks on December 3, 2010. In that article, Krauthammer argued that WikiLeaks had done a great deal of damage to America and he demanded that the American government go after that organization.

“Want to prevent this from happening again?” said Krauthammer. “Let the world see a man who can't sleep in the same bed on consecutive nights, who fears the long arm of American justice. I'm not advocating that we bring out of retirement the KGB proxy who, on a London street, killed a Bulgarian dissident with a poisoned umbrella tip. But it would be nice if people like Assange were made to worry every time they go out in the rain.”

Around the time of this article, whatever my government was doing to me (and I'm not exactly sure what they're doing to me) was very painful. Presumably, this was an attempt to intimidate me into silence. It hasn't worked. Things improved somewhat on the day the earthquake hit Japan, though I am still having a hard time concentrating and I am often very tired.

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