Thursday, December 23, 2010

More than meets the eye in declassified diplomatic documents

On December 23, the Mainichi Shimbun published an editorial called “More than meets the eye in declassified diplomatic documents.” The newspaper speculated that many of the classified documents related to the reversion of Okinawa had been destroyed. Specifically, several of the documents related to a series of payments made by Japan to America seem to be missing.

“If the telegrams were incinerated in order to destroy evidence of the secret pact, it would be an outrageous act that could betray the public’s trust in the government,” said the Mainichi Shimbun.

The newspaper hinted that the contents of these documents are very important.

“It is hoped that the details of how Japan footed the expenses of the Okinawa reversion, which is shrouded in mystery, will be clarified in the process of disclosing these documents.”

In INDB, I wrote the following next to this story.
Don’t get all high and mighty with me. I am willing to bet anything that the Mainichi Trashbun knows damn well what is in those missing documents. Put up or shut up. OPEN PANDORA'S BOX!!!

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