Friday, December 31, 2010

Fasten your seatbelts: we're in for another rough ride

The Nation published an op-ed written by Thanong Khanthong. In the article, Thanong predicted that 2011 would be another “tumultuous” year for Thailand.

“Both the internal and external factors are shaping up to be equally gruesome,” said Thanong.

He predicted the red shirts would continue to clash with the yellow shirts, he predicted a slowdown in growth, higher inflation, higher interest rates, and he predicted the West would struggle to fix its financial system.

“All in all, 2011 will be another year when we can’t stay still,” said Thanong. “If you think that we’ll be better off, then you are bound to be disappointed.”

After I finished reading his op-ed, my government “made” me believe that Thanong had read the article that I posted yesterday, in which I said, “This last year was awful. The next year is setting up to be even worse.” And my government “made” me believe Thanong wrote his op-ed based on what he read in my article.

As the year went by, I often thought about his op-ed. For most of the year, I thought his op-ed was pretty ironic. On the one hand, the year was truly awful. On the other hand, I thought Thailand was having a decent year. At least I thought that until about August.

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