Thursday, December 9, 2010

China Must Stop Protecting N.Korea

“If China continues to shelter North Korea and walk down its isolated path, its global diplomatic efforts will fail,” said the Chosun Ilbo. “It would be proper for China to tell North Korea through State Councilor Dai Bingguo, who is visiting Pyongyang, that it can no longer offer protection since doing so would only damage China's national as well as global interests.”

The Chosun Ilbo never explains why China could not continue to shelter North Korea without damaging her own interests. Instead, the newspaper offered a phony example of how North Korea could hand over one of their nukes to a group of terrorists and somehow, that would hurt China. There is no reason why North Korea would want to hand over one of their nukes to a group of terrorists. That should not happen. And if it doesn’t happen, China’s interests will remain unaffected.

The real reason why China had to say something to North Korea had to do with something else. Of course, that something else was the truth. Were China to say nothing, the West would have revealed the truth about the history of China to the entire world, at least that was the threat. But really, the truth would not damage China’s interests. The interests of the Western elite, on the other hand, are another matter entirely.

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