Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bipartisanship in Congress should start with intelligence oversight

The Washington Post published an op-ed written by David Ignatius on December 5, 2010. In this article, Ignatius implored Congress to fix its oversight of the intelligence community. According to him, fixing this problem should be the number one priority for the next Congress.

“If bipartisanship is going to work anywhere, it should begin with intelligence,” said Ignatius.

Ignatius referred to the intelligence community as “a sprawling, poorly managed archipelago of agencies that badly needs coherent guidance and review, as opposed to the usual finger-pointing and second-guessing.”

Ignatius said Congress had been kicking the can down the road for too long on this issue.

“For six years it has ignored the recommendation of the Sept. 11 commission to reorganize its broken system for supervising the intelligence community,” said Ignatius.

I believe Ignatius knows about what has been happening to me. And that is why he so desperately wants Congress to do something about the intelligence community. Too bad he hasn’t done anything substantial to help the process along – like telling the public about what the government has been doing to me.

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