Monday, December 27, 2010

The Associated Press gets it exactly wrong

The Associated Press published an article called “For Japan, 2010 was a year to forget.” In the article, the AP mentioned the problems at Toyota, the switch in prime ministers, the rise of China, and the continuing economic stagnation in Japan. The AP believed that any change would happen only gradually in Japan.

“For once-confident Japan, 2010 may well mark a symbolic milestone in its slide from economic giant to what experts see as its likely destiny: a second-tier power with some standout companies but limited global influence,” said the Associated Press.

We’ll see about that.

In INDB, I wrote the following in the notes for this article.
2010 was not a year to forget for Japan. Japan has made it to where it is now by not forgetting. 2010 was another watershed year for the world. I think 2010 laid plain what the true intentions of the various countries are. This is not something you want to forget.
In retrospect, I believe that Japan wanted me to write that.

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