Friday, November 12, 2010

US-Japan alliance is ripe for renewel

The Christian Science Monitor published an op-ed written by two officials from CNAS, Patrick Cronin and Daniel Kliman, on November 12, 2010.

“After a period of drift, the US-Japan alliance is ripe for renewal,” they said. According to them, the upcoming summit between Kan and Obama would mark “inflection point between a period of drift and alliance renewal.”

I bet they feel pretty stupid for writing that. They thought that Kan’s victory over Ozawa had solidified his power within the DPJ. I bet they feel pretty stupid for writing that too.

They expressed their admiration for Seiji Maehara. They said Japan and America were “ready to move from rhetoric to action.” How many things can you get wrong in one op-ed?

The authors hoped Japan would work together with America to boost their defense against China. After all, that recent boat collision incident was really scary. The authors also wanted America and Japan to work together to boost their economies.

One of these days, I ought to go to the CNAS website and take a look at the photos of Cronin and Kliman. I wonder if they’re smiling.

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