Friday, November 26, 2010

A thousand-fold retaliation

North Korea called the upcoming military exercise an “unpardonable provocation” and threatened to “turn the stronghold of enemies into a sea of fire.”

“If the U.S. brings its carrier to the West Sea of Korea at last, no one can predict the ensuing consequences,” said the Korean Central News Agency.

“The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war,” proclaimed the news agency. “Gone are the days when verbal warnings are served only.”

According to the KCNA, the people of North Korea were “now greatly enraged” and would soon be prepared “to give a shower of dreadful fire.”

“He who is fond of playing with fire is bound to perish,” said the KCNA.

On the other side of the peninsula, Lee Myung-bak ordered his military to be prepared for anything.

“There is a possibility North Korea may take provocative actions during the (joint) exercise, so make complete preparations based on cooperation between South Korean and U.S. forces to counter any provocation,” said Lee Myung-bak.

For their part, the South Korean military promised to deliver a “thousand-fold” retaliation for the attack on Yeonpyeong.

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