Monday, November 22, 2010

I want to be a friend to the Chinese

The Global Times published an interview with Seiji Maehara on November 22, 2010. This is another article that has been slightly altered. In the original article, Maehara said his purpose behind giving the interview was to convey his true intentions to the Chinese people. To my knowledge, that is the only part of the article that has been changed.

In both versions of the interview, Maehara noted that in terms of trade and investment, Japan and China were becoming more dependent on one another. He said that the relationship between Japan and China was crucial for the world.

“I firmly believe that Japan- China cooperation could bring unprecedented peace and prosperity to Asia in the 21st century,” said Maehara.

The Global Times asked Maehara if he considered himself a “hawkish” politician. In response, Maehara talked about his education. He was once a student of a famous professor of international politics, Kousaka Masataka. According to Maehara, Masataka taught him realism.

“Both China and Japan conduct their diplomatic activities proceeding from their national interests,” said Maehara. “So I don’t think I’m a ‘hawkish’ politician, but a realist advocating idealism.”

In other words, his hawkish appearance was merely a fa├žade. Maehara practically admits he was engaging in seikei bunri in this interview. He basically admitted that his “hawkishness” was just for show (that is the politics part of seikei bunri). And on the other hand, he praised the close economic relationship between Japan and China (that is the economics part of seikei bunri). And he even admitted that he was a “realist” who advocated idealism.

Ooh that sneaky, treacherous Maehara. He really takes the cake.

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