Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Famous last words

Politico published an op-ed written by John Kerry called “There is still life in NATO.” According to Kerry, based on the way NATO performed in Afghanistan, many critics of NATO believe the organization will soon collapse.

“Many have written NATO’s obituary,” said Kerry.1

He referred to the upcoming Lisbon meeting as “one of the most crucial” summits in the history of NATO. At the meeting, the members of NATO would approve a new strategic doctrine. This doctrine would form the basis of how NATO would deal with “unconventional threats.” Kerry did not describe the contents of this doctrine.

In addition to approving this new doctrine, at the summit, NATO would also agree to spend $280 million to develop a missile defense system. According to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former prime minister of Denmark, this move would placate the Europeans. Presumably, the Europeans were happy to see us do something that would piss of the Russians. Apparently, the Europeans were not too happy when we hit the reset button with Russia. Ah, with allies like these, who needs enemies?

My government now “tells” me that, at this summit, America and Europe planned the upcoming Jasmine Revolution. And we all know how that went. Now that it’s a year later, I wonder if Kerry is prepared to write that obituary.

1 This comment provides further proof for my theory that we have been fighting with the Europeans in Afghanistan.

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