Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Rose Interviews Dennis Blair

Charlie Rose interviewed the former Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, on November 11, 2010.

In the interview, Blair argued that DNI should oversee CIA covert operations.

"Anybody who's an action agency has to be committed to that action," said Blair. "You need another level there that is thinking a little bit more broadly to oversea it, to ask the tough questions, to raise the flags when things are not going so well rather than the agency."

Blair believed, based on what the CIA, had been doing, the organization did need more oversight.

“Covert action has done wonderful things for the country,” said Blair. “It has also gotten us in trouble in the past in some areas.”

I believe he is referring to, among other things, what the CIA has been doing to me.

By the way, this is another thing that I believe someone has edited after its initial publication. I seem to recall Blair being more emphatic about how the CIA needed more oversight. I seem to remember him saying something like, “The CIA has gotten us into a lot of trouble.”

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