Monday, October 4, 2010

Beltway plumbing: Fixing DC leaks

“One of the things that has amazed me in my many interactions with members of the US press since then is how much they know about the inner workings of supposedly secret US organizations and programs, and which they do not reveal,” said Robert Grenier, the former director of the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center, in an op-ed published by Al Jazeera on October 4, 2010.

This proves that the American press does know about what the CIA has been doing. And yet they have done nothing to stop them.

On a personal level, I have tried on several occasions to contact the press about what has been happening to me since the end of 2010. Not a single one of them has gotten back to me.

By the way, Grenier wrote his article in reaction to a recent string of leaks emanating from Washington about a group of terrorists who had trained in Waziristan. Grenier reported that a British journalist wondered why Washington would leak this information. After all, those terrorists had to do with Europe, not America (the terrorists all had European passports). The journalist said he worried that the terrorists might read the stories about themselves and go into hiding.

Let me tell you why Washington leaked that information. We leaked that information to embarrass European governments. If my memory is correct, those articles written by American journalists provided people like me with evidence that European governments control terrorist groups. Let me also tell you the real reason why that British journalist bemoaned the leak – he is nothing more than State Controlled Media. He knows that Europe supports terrorist organizations and he does not want that information to reach the public.

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