Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Media Roundtable at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo

Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell answered some questions from the media during a visit to Japan on October 6, 2010. Martin Fackler, a journalist for the New York Times, participated in the event. Before he asked his question, Fackler talked a little bit about the relationship between the DPJ and the Obama administration.

“At times the relationship between the Obama administration and this DPJ administration has not always gone well, to put it mildly,” said Fackler.

According to Fackler, “there was a problem with communication.”

Around this time, I had referred to Martin Fackler as Martin Fuckler in some of my writings. Interestingly, I looked through INDB and I couldn’t find where I wrote that. Maybe I wrote that comment in some other file. Or maybe someone erased that comment.

As for his question, Fackler asked Campbell to talk about the problems America was having with the DPJ.

“I think there probably has also been a learning process on both sides of the Pacific,” said Campbell. “That learning process is not confined just to Tokyo; it is also clearly involving the United States as well. I think when we have faced difficult challenges – which we have in the course of the last year – it is a reminder to the United States how badly we need a good relationship with Japan. It is very hard to operate effectively – diplomatically, politically or strategically – in Asia without a strong relationship with Japan, and it is critical for this generation of American policymakers to in no way take Japan for granted.”

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