Tuesday, October 19, 2010

China 'shocked' by Maehara's remark about China's hysteria

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it was “shocked” by the outrageous comments made by Seiji Maehara yesterday.

“We hope that Japan could demonstrate sincerity to improve bilateral relations through concrete actions and create necessary atmosphere and conditions for a meeting,” said Ma Zhaoxu.

Hmmm…so you want more business deals.

Very well.

On the same day that China expressed its “shock” at the comments made by Maehara, the Associated Press reported that a Japanese ski resort operator, Kamori Kanko, agreed to provide a Chinese ski resort operator, Wanlong Ski Resort, with a technology to install ski lifts while Wanlong agreed to distribute Kamori Kanko brochures at its ski shops.

Seikei bunri strikes again.

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