Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tony Blair in 'A Journey': On U.S. Leaders Bush, Clinton

Time Magazine published an article written by Tony Blair on September 2, 2010.

“The next years will test the American character,” said Blair. “America won’t be loved in this presidency any more than in previous ones. But America should have confidence. That ideal, which produces the optimism that generates the achievement, is worth all the striving. It is the most precious gift a nation can have.”

Given how much Europe hated George Bush, it is pretty remarkable to hear Tony Blair say that Europe won’t like the Obama administration anymore than the Bush administration. It makes you wonder why he would say such a thing. It also makes you wonder why he wants America to have confidence.

Remember that, more than anything else, Europe and America fear having the truth revealed. Were the truth revealed, the people responsible for what has happened would be in a tremendous amount of trouble. However, it is not a great argument to say that we should suppress the truth to protect the powers that be. It’s much better to suggest that we shouldn’t reveal the truth because that would damage the confidence of the public. Were the public to know the truth, they would not be so confident in what their country was doing because what their country was doing was wrong.

Remember also that, during 2010, a group of individuals, including myself, were publishing on the Internet a bunch of information that Europe and America wanted to remain secret. I am sure that this was a big part of why Blair said Europe wouldn’t like the Obama administration any more than the Bush administration.

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