Friday, September 24, 2010

Kan's total lack of vision will be his undoing, says former ally

The Shukan Asahi Weekly interviewed a former colleague of Naoto Kan, Shusei Tanaka, on September 24, 2010. Tanaka did not have nice things to say about Kan in this interview.

Tanaka noted that, in the not too distant past, Kan expressed his desire for the politicians to wrestle control of the government away from the bureaucrats. Tanaka said he supported this.

“However, in almost no time, he has changed his tune from one of moving away from bureaucrats to one of being completely in their control,” said Tanaka.

As an example of how the bureaucrats had Kan in their control, Tanaka cited Kan’s flip flop on the consumption tax. Before, Kan voiced his opposition to raising the tax. But now, Kan supports raising the tax. Tanaka apparently believes the bureaucrats got him to change his position.

“The biggest problem with Kan is that he has no vision of the kind of nation he wants Japan to become,” said Tanaka. “I have known him for close to 40 years, but I have never heard him mention anything along those lines. In a sense, the Kan government is like a bus that does not indicate its destination. The public will be wary about riding on such a bus.”


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