Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washington, We Have a Problem

Vanity Fair published an article called “Washington, We Have a Problem” on August 10, 2010. In that article, Vanity Fair interviewed both Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. They talked about what it was like to work in Washington. Rahm Emanuel called Washington “Fucknutsville.”

Interestingly, Emanuel worked for the Clinton administration. According to him, Washington has changed since then. For one thing, the pace is much faster.

“It’s much worse now,” said Emanuel. “Leon Panetta thinks it’s a huge problem. He says that this is a highly caffeinated speed.”

David Axelrod agreed.

“There’s a relentlessness to this that’s unlike anything else, especially when you come into office in a time of crisis,” David Axelrod. “We did not exactly ease into the tub. The world is so much smaller, and events reverberate much more quickly, and one person can create an event so quickly from one computer terminal.”

Of course, Axelrod was referring to people like me, who have been publishing things on the web.

“Any blogger at any moment can generate a story that forces the White House to respond,” said Vanity Fair.

Hehehe. Too bad.

“The capacity to assert, allege, and comment is now infinite, and subject to little responsible control,” said Vanity Fair.

This is less true than Vanity Fair makes it seem. Remember that our government now has the ability to inject thoughts into people’s minds. That’s how I’m getting most of my stories.

“You can’t get the genie back in the bottle on modern communications,” said David Axelrod.

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