Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweden to Question Founder of WikiLeaks

On August 25, a Swedish prosecutor ordered the police to question Julian Assange in regards to the allegation that Assange had molested the two Swedish women. On that same day, WikiLeaks released a CIA document called “What If Foreigners See the United States as an ‘Exporter of Terrorism?’”

In that document, the CIA noted that American Jews had committed acts of terrorism in Palestine and Irish-Americans had supported terrorists in Northern Ireland. Presumably, this is not a document that the U.S. government wanted released to the public. As such, it appears that WikiLeaks blamed America for concocting the molestation charge against Julian Assange and wanted to strike back at us. On the other hand, Sweden may have charged Julian Assange with molestation on the assumption that WikiLeaks would take retribution against us. At this time, I was busy publishing information on the Internet that damaged the reputation of Europe. Perhaps Europe wanted to publish information that would prove damaging to America.

And a final possibility is that Europe and America were working together with WikiLeaks in an attempt to silence other people like me. They may have orchestrated the release of this information to convince Japan that it should not use me to release classified information. Of course, this assumes that America was allowing Japan to use me to release classified information in the first place. It also assumes that Japan would care if WikiLeaks published information that damaged the reputation of America despite the fact that I was already publishing information that was damaging to America, information which was presumably given to me by Japan (at least some of it).

I’m not sure this last explanation makes sense either but I think my government wants me to write it so I will put in on the record. You don’t have to believe it.

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