Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pentagon: Undisclosed WikiLeak documents 'potentially more explosive'

On August 11, the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon had identified the remaining 15,000 documents on Afghanistan held by WikiLeaks. According to Geoff Morrell, those remaining documents were “potentially more explosive, more sensitive” than the other 77,000 documents.

“We have found many instances in which our allies or their forces are mentioned in these documents,” said Geoff Morrell.

Ah, there’s the rub, the reason why WikiLeaks failed to disclose those documents – presumably, they reveal criminal actions conducted by our allies in Afghanistan. Julian Assange is an Australian. Australia has troops stationed in Afghanistan. Perhaps they have been up to no good. In fairness to Australia, I don’t think they were the only country up to no good (remember the Stanley McChrystal quote).

The reason why WikiLeaks wanted America’s help in redacting information from the remaining 15,000 documents is because WikiLeaks didn’t want to be responsible for either divulging information that incriminated Europe (and Canada and Australia) on the one hand. Or on the other hand, WikiLeaks also didn’t want to be responsible for redacting information that was incriminating to Europe, Canada, and Australia. They wanted the U.S. government to take responsibility for the redaction process.

This is the strongest evidence that WikiLeaks is controlled by Europe. Well, that and the fact that Julian Assange has been hiding out in Europe every since he reached the headlines in 2010.

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