Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another victim of Project Artichoke

Another anonymous person posted a comment about Project Artichoke on Truthout.
I believe I am a survivor of something like MK Ultra subprojects. In my case, I have to say that the majority of the focus has been on social engineering. Since my internet is constantly hacked (even at the library, yes I can prove they have access), it's hard to get the right information about this, contact people who can help or even maintain contact with friends and other academics.

In addition, it appears that the "harassers" ("the mysterious ones" as my father calls them) left a lot of fake clues along the way - a UFO sighting, a card from a tarot deck (reminiscent of Manchurian Candidate) etc. Often times crimes have been committed against me and it appears that decoying was used... if I had reported the crimes they way they thought I would, I would have been discredited.

I can't speak for "Monarch" programs etc. I can only speak to my experiences, what kinds of tactics have been used etc. My harassment became more overt over time (less of the subtle social engineering) and took the form of death threats, serious and deadly damages to my car, harassing bizarre stalker phone calls and cyberstalking and the use of some kind of weaponry.

It appears that the "social engineering" aspect in that phase was for me to go to the "organized stalking" groups but I can see that activism from within the groups is not that useful since they are pretty much cointelproed. It appears that the harassers would also like us to fall into certain types of cultural beliefs about the origins of the problem as a form of further discreditation and harassment.

It appears that in part these are brain and personality studies. The damages caused by the PTSD of the harassment can lead to personality changes that include paranoia as well as brain damage. I'm not the only one in my family who has suffered through non consensual experimentation but I would suggest that has nothing to do with "Illuminati" blood lines and a lot to do with DNA, ethnic studies and studies on the children of immigrant dissidents.

How can I get help? Who's going to say enough is enough. It's as though the more recent harassment was geared toward my "coming out" but in a way that would be discrediting and perhaps get me backlisted in academia (which appears to have some involvement - hard to tell how much or what/who because of the decoying).

I've had phone and email interception. Someone wants to know where the survivors are? If indeed the experimentation, trauma conditioning and harassment was part of that program and it's descendants, I can tell you we are right here, still being harassed and unable to get justice or have proper communications with those who can help us get the word out.
I have also had trouble with my Internet connection. I often lose my connection when I go to websites that I don’t normally go to. And, despite having asked several people online for help, I have only gotten one reply so far (and that just happened yesterday).1

I have also been “given” information that is false. I do believe the CIA gave me that information in an effort to discredit me in the eyes of my family.

1 By yesterday, I mean the day before I published this post. In this case, “yesterday” means December 15, 2011.

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