Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Testing North Korean Waters

The New York Times published an op-ed written by Donald P. Gregg on August 31, 2010. In the article, Gregg argued that the hard-line approach taken by the Obama administration towards North Korea was not working and that America should start talking to the country.

“There also is a growing realization in Washington that alienating China is an inordinately high price to pay for putting pressure on Pyongyang,” said Gregg.

Unfortunately, Gregg does not say what the price was for pressuring North Korea. Some may believe that the price was China’s refusal to fund our budget deficit. At several points since the financial crisis began, the media reported that China had begun selling its Treasury holdings. However, at the same time, there were also media reports that China was hiding its purchases of Treasuries by using British financial institutions to make the purchases. The U.S. government publishes a spreadsheet of which countries hold its debt. Since the financial crisis began, the amount held by Britain has expanded dramatically. Having a trade deficit, Britain has no means of expanding its Treasury holdings in such a dramatic fashion. That lends credence to the idea that China continued to buy U.S. government bonds, but bought them indirectly through British financial institutions.

I believe that I was the real price that America had to pay for pressuring China. Remember that I have been publishing information on the Internet in an attempt to pressure China. But this strategy backfired. As I became more enmeshed in this game, both myself and my government realized that I don’t care about pressuring China. What I care about is getting the truth out to the public. But our government does not want the public to know the truth. So in order to prevent the public from learning the truth, they had to torture me to prevent me from telling the public the truth. But by torturing me, they have made criminals of themselves.


My government doesn’t want to kill me because other governments know about what has been happening to me. If my government kills me, other governments could use their knowledge of my death to extort our government.

You may be wondering why my government is allowing me to write this article. There are three possibilities. One possibility is that my government has decided that it should stop digging itself into a deeper hole and should just stop torturing me and see what happens.

Another possibility is that my government wants me to publish this information on the Internet in an effort to pressure other governments. Perhaps our government is talking to other governments, saying things like…
We’re going to tell the truth this time! Really! If you don’t do what we want right now we’re going to tell the truth! Of course, we’ll be completely screwed in the process, but so will you! Do what we say now! If you do, we’ll make this guy shut up and we’ll delete his articles from the Internet!
Still another possibility is that East Asia has successfully used the carrot and stick method against America. Perhaps East Asia has delivered an ultimatum to America. Unless America stops doing its dirty tricks and tells the world the truth, East Asia will exclude America from the regional order it is building, meaning that Japan, Korea, and China will focus only on building an East Asia Community which excludes America instead of an Asia-Pacific Community that includes America. The economic consequences of excluding America from Asia would be enormous and so threatening to do so might convince America to suck it up and tell the truth.

Only time will tell which of these three possibilities is right.

One inch ahead is darkness.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ozawa and Hatoyama's latest shenanigans highlight pathetic state of Japanese politics

On August 30, 2010, in an editorial, the Mainichi Shimbun castigated the DPJ for its latest antics. Unfortunately, as the newspaper refuses to keep old articles posted on its website, and since I forgot to save the entire article, all I have is a few sentences from it. One of the sentences I have is:

“Confronted by Hatoyama’s prattling, Ozawa’s innermost thoughts, and Kan’s fake, terrified smiles, it’s hard to believe that our politicians will lead our country toward a better tomorrow,” said the Mainichi Shimbun.

Kan isn’t the only one with a fake and terrified smile. If you look at Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner, you will see they also have fake, terrified smiles. The question is why.

These people are terrified because they worry that the public will find out about what they have done. At some point, these people realized that looking terrified was a signal of their guilt and so they started smiling, a lot. But they were still terrified, so that’s how you get a fake, terrified smile.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Singing Neighbor

My neighbor started singing quite loudly at midnight on August 28. This happened to me quite often while I was living at San Moritz. Occasionally, I would open my window to see which direction the singing was coming from. And each time I did that, the volume of the singing dropped dramatically. This led me to speculate that, despite what my brain was telling me, the singing was not coming from outside but was in fact coming from somewhere inside my apartment. Somehow, I figured, my government must have a way to change the direction from which a sound appeared to be emanating from. Either that or my government must have been able to make me hear singing when in fact no one was actually singing. Presumably, my government “made” me hear singing in order to make me angry and wreck my concentration.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweden to Question Founder of WikiLeaks

On August 25, a Swedish prosecutor ordered the police to question Julian Assange in regards to the allegation that Assange had molested the two Swedish women. On that same day, WikiLeaks released a CIA document called “What If Foreigners See the United States as an ‘Exporter of Terrorism?’”

In that document, the CIA noted that American Jews had committed acts of terrorism in Palestine and Irish-Americans had supported terrorists in Northern Ireland. Presumably, this is not a document that the U.S. government wanted released to the public. As such, it appears that WikiLeaks blamed America for concocting the molestation charge against Julian Assange and wanted to strike back at us. On the other hand, Sweden may have charged Julian Assange with molestation on the assumption that WikiLeaks would take retribution against us. At this time, I was busy publishing information on the Internet that damaged the reputation of Europe. Perhaps Europe wanted to publish information that would prove damaging to America.

And a final possibility is that Europe and America were working together with WikiLeaks in an attempt to silence other people like me. They may have orchestrated the release of this information to convince Japan that it should not use me to release classified information. Of course, this assumes that America was allowing Japan to use me to release classified information in the first place. It also assumes that Japan would care if WikiLeaks published information that damaged the reputation of America despite the fact that I was already publishing information that was damaging to America, information which was presumably given to me by Japan (at least some of it).

I’m not sure this last explanation makes sense either but I think my government wants me to write it so I will put in on the record. You don’t have to believe it.

I thought this was my father

On August 25, 2010, Ichiro Fujisaki, the Japanese ambassador, visited the Japantown in San Jose. He took a tour of the area and had a private lunch with community leaders. I grew up near there. The following is a picture taken from the trip.

The Japanese ambassador is in the center. The person on the far left looks a lot like my father. I was "led" to believe that the person was in fact my father. However, later on I asked my father if he ever met the Japanese ambassador and he said no. I think my government made me believe my father had met the Japanese ambassador in an attempt to discredit me later on.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WikiLeaks Founder Suspected of Rape in Sweden

On August 21, Sweden issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange. Two women had accused him of rape. Amazingly, later on in the day, Sweden withdrew the arrest warrant, dismissed the rape charges, but said Assange still remained a suspect on the charges of molestation in another case.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WikiLeaks and Pentagon Disagree About Talks

On August 18, Julian Assange claimed that the Pentagon had agreed to help WikiLeaks redact information from the remaining 15,000 documents on Afghanistan. Later on in the day, the Pentagon told reporters that Assange was lying.

Obviously, America decided that WikiLeaks should take responsibility for releasing or not releasing the information. And like I said earlier, it appears they decided that the information should not be released.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Pentagon concludes WikiLeaks broke law

On August 16, the U.S. government wrote a letter to WikiLeaks. In that letter, the government accused WikiLeaks of breaking the law by releasing the classified documents on Afghanistan.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another victim of Project Artichoke

Another anonymous person posted a comment about Project Artichoke on Truthout.
I believe I am a survivor of something like MK Ultra subprojects. In my case, I have to say that the majority of the focus has been on social engineering. Since my internet is constantly hacked (even at the library, yes I can prove they have access), it's hard to get the right information about this, contact people who can help or even maintain contact with friends and other academics.

In addition, it appears that the "harassers" ("the mysterious ones" as my father calls them) left a lot of fake clues along the way - a UFO sighting, a card from a tarot deck (reminiscent of Manchurian Candidate) etc. Often times crimes have been committed against me and it appears that decoying was used... if I had reported the crimes they way they thought I would, I would have been discredited.

I can't speak for "Monarch" programs etc. I can only speak to my experiences, what kinds of tactics have been used etc. My harassment became more overt over time (less of the subtle social engineering) and took the form of death threats, serious and deadly damages to my car, harassing bizarre stalker phone calls and cyberstalking and the use of some kind of weaponry.

It appears that the "social engineering" aspect in that phase was for me to go to the "organized stalking" groups but I can see that activism from within the groups is not that useful since they are pretty much cointelproed. It appears that the harassers would also like us to fall into certain types of cultural beliefs about the origins of the problem as a form of further discreditation and harassment.

It appears that in part these are brain and personality studies. The damages caused by the PTSD of the harassment can lead to personality changes that include paranoia as well as brain damage. I'm not the only one in my family who has suffered through non consensual experimentation but I would suggest that has nothing to do with "Illuminati" blood lines and a lot to do with DNA, ethnic studies and studies on the children of immigrant dissidents.

How can I get help? Who's going to say enough is enough. It's as though the more recent harassment was geared toward my "coming out" but in a way that would be discrediting and perhaps get me backlisted in academia (which appears to have some involvement - hard to tell how much or what/who because of the decoying).

I've had phone and email interception. Someone wants to know where the survivors are? If indeed the experimentation, trauma conditioning and harassment was part of that program and it's descendants, I can tell you we are right here, still being harassed and unable to get justice or have proper communications with those who can help us get the word out.
I have also had trouble with my Internet connection. I often lose my connection when I go to websites that I don’t normally go to. And, despite having asked several people online for help, I have only gotten one reply so far (and that just happened yesterday).1

I have also been “given” information that is false. I do believe the CIA gave me that information in an effort to discredit me in the eyes of my family.

1 By yesterday, I mean the day before I published this post. In this case, “yesterday” means December 15, 2011.

Le Pen, European Nationalists Visit Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine to Honor Dead

On August 14, 2010, a bizarre thing happened. A group of European nationalists, including Jean-Marie Le Pen, visited the Yasukuni shrine in Japan. Luckily, their visit to Yasukuni didn’t set off the diplomatic firestorm that occurs when Japanese prime ministers visit the shrine. Yasukuni is controversial because it holds the remains of a group of war criminals. South Korea and China hate it when Japanese politicians go to Yasukuni. They say those visits show that Japan has a favorable view of the actions of the individuals enshrined at that place.

To understand why a group of European nationalists would visit Yasukuni, you need to remember what was going on at the time. We were all debating whether or not we should inform the public the truth. By going to Yasukuni, those European nationalists were in effect saying that the public should not be told the truth. They were saying, each country deserves to have its own myths, its own lies, and its own view of history because that makes its citizens feel better about themselves.

Lying about history may make some people feel better about themselves, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Lying about history allows the same countries to do the same things over and over again and it allows the people in power to avoid accountability. This will not stand.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

WikiLeaks Preparing to Release More Afghan Documents

On August 12, WikiLeaks said it would soon release the other 15,000 documents on Afghanistan. The organization claimed it had successfully processed 7,000 documents thus far.

The Pentagon continued to plead with Assange to refrain from releases those files. All that begging seems to have worked because a year has gone by and WikiLeaks still has not released those documents.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pentagon: Undisclosed WikiLeak documents 'potentially more explosive'

On August 11, the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon had identified the remaining 15,000 documents on Afghanistan held by WikiLeaks. According to Geoff Morrell, those remaining documents were “potentially more explosive, more sensitive” than the other 77,000 documents.

“We have found many instances in which our allies or their forces are mentioned in these documents,” said Geoff Morrell.

Ah, there’s the rub, the reason why WikiLeaks failed to disclose those documents – presumably, they reveal criminal actions conducted by our allies in Afghanistan. Julian Assange is an Australian. Australia has troops stationed in Afghanistan. Perhaps they have been up to no good. In fairness to Australia, I don’t think they were the only country up to no good (remember the Stanley McChrystal quote).

The reason why WikiLeaks wanted America’s help in redacting information from the remaining 15,000 documents is because WikiLeaks didn’t want to be responsible for either divulging information that incriminated Europe (and Canada and Australia) on the one hand. Or on the other hand, WikiLeaks also didn’t want to be responsible for redacting information that was incriminating to Europe, Canada, and Australia. They wanted the U.S. government to take responsibility for the redaction process.

This is the strongest evidence that WikiLeaks is controlled by Europe. Well, that and the fact that Julian Assange has been hiding out in Europe every since he reached the headlines in 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washington, We Have a Problem

Vanity Fair published an article called “Washington, We Have a Problem” on August 10, 2010. In that article, Vanity Fair interviewed both Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. They talked about what it was like to work in Washington. Rahm Emanuel called Washington “Fucknutsville.”

Interestingly, Emanuel worked for the Clinton administration. According to him, Washington has changed since then. For one thing, the pace is much faster.

“It’s much worse now,” said Emanuel. “Leon Panetta thinks it’s a huge problem. He says that this is a highly caffeinated speed.”

David Axelrod agreed.

“There’s a relentlessness to this that’s unlike anything else, especially when you come into office in a time of crisis,” David Axelrod. “We did not exactly ease into the tub. The world is so much smaller, and events reverberate much more quickly, and one person can create an event so quickly from one computer terminal.”

Of course, Axelrod was referring to people like me, who have been publishing things on the web.

“Any blogger at any moment can generate a story that forces the White House to respond,” said Vanity Fair.

Hehehe. Too bad.

“The capacity to assert, allege, and comment is now infinite, and subject to little responsible control,” said Vanity Fair.

This is less true than Vanity Fair makes it seem. Remember that our government now has the ability to inject thoughts into people’s minds. That’s how I’m getting most of my stories.

“You can’t get the genie back in the bottle on modern communications,” said David Axelrod.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

U.S. Tell WikiLeaks to Return Afghan War Logs

On August 5, the Pentagon expressed its concern that WikiLeaks might release the remaining 15,000 documents on Afghanistan.

“Public disclosure of additional Defense Department classified information can only make the damage worse,” said Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon pres secretary.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Futenma relocation plan

The Asahi Shimbun published an editorial on the upcoming gubernatorial election in Okinawa on August 4, 2010. The newspaper correctly predicted that the plan to relocate Marine Corps Air Station Futenma would be the central issue of the election.

“Okinawans feel they are being discriminated against by the rest of the nation because they have been forced to bear the heavy burden of hosting 75 percent of U.S. military bases in Japan,” said the Asahi Shimbun. “They strongly desire Futenma’s relocation outside their prefecture or outside Japan. We just cannot imagine them softening their stand.”

Correct again.

“How long will it be before Okinawa’s burden is lifted and the bases cease to jeopardize the people?” asked the Asahi Shimbun. “The governments of Japan and the United States have a lot of work ahead.”

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WikiLeaks' Cry for Help

Originally, the media reported that WikiLeaks had released 92,000 documents related to the war in Afghanistan. But that’s not true. Actually, WikiLeaks only released 77,000 documents related to Afghanistan and they withheld the other 15,000 documents. However, WikiLeaks provided the New York Times, Der Spiegel, and the Guardian with access to all 92,000 documents. The newspapers themselves only published a handful of documents. Presumably, they did not publish any of the 15,000 documents withheld by WikiLeaks.

On August 3, the Daily Beast reported that WikiLeaks had demanded that the U.S. government help the organization redact information from the unreleased documents. One wonders why WikiLeaks couldn’t simply redact that information by themselves.

The Daily Beast also asked Julian Assange about the insurance file posted on his website.

“It’s better that we don’t comment on that,” said Assange. “But one could imagine in a similar situation that it might be worth ensuring that important parts of history do not disappear.”

I wonder what parts he is referring to?


The west must start living up to its ideals

The Financial Times published an op-ed written by Dominique Moisi on August 3, 2010. In this article, Moisi argued that the West – and in particular America, France, and Italy – had failed to live up to their ideals.

“The time has come to realize that we live beyond our means in material terms, and well below our means both intellectually and spiritually,” said Moisi.

Like Delpech, Moisi (who is also French) basically admits that France is responsible for many of the atrocities that the world has had to suffer through, though he goes about it in a much more direct way and he also implicates Italy and America in the process. All I can say is…what about Britain? He also forgot to mention Germany in this article, but he didn’t forget to mention them in other articles.

On the other hand, he believes that Scandinavian countries do a better job of upholding the ideals of the West. He claims that power is “modest and honest” there. That statement seems pretty ironic given that Scandinavian countries support terrorist organizations like Ansar al-Islam and Jundullah (the founder of Ansar al-Islam, Mullah Krekar, lives in Norway while Sweden supports Jundullah). I guess by modest Moisi means that Scandinavia only supports a few terrorist organizations, instead of a lot like America, Britain, and France.

In this article, as in others, Moisi praises countries like China for having confidence.

“We must now ask ourselves what emerging powers can teach us,” said Moisi.

Here we see yet another reference to confidence. The western elite loves confidence, apparently. I took this to mean that Moisi wants the West to continue to lie about its past and its present, as telling the public about all the rotten things we have done would not, admittedly do wonders for increasing our confidence. Instead, it would probably do wonders for our ability to sit down and shut up, which would be almost the opposite of confidence. It would also do wonders for holding the people in charge accountable, though, and I think that is really what Moisi wants to avoid. Interestingly, Moisi argued that the West has lived beyond its means. This implies that he supports the efforts in the West to reduce government spending and roll back the welfare state. So while not supporting telling the world about all the problems and dipshit ideas people like him have foisted on everyone else, he does support making the common, everyday man suffer for the mistakes made by people like him. Great.

Moisi insisted that the West had an advantage in “the realm of ideas and ideals,” in particular the ideals of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. The only thing unique about the West is the extent to which we have used those ideals to kill other people and keep them poor.

For example … let’s impose sanctions on that country because that country isn’t a democracy, doesn’t uphold the rule of law, etc. No, wait. Let’s support a democracy movement in that country. That will lead to a civil war and death and destruction and… Wait, did I just say that out loud?


Monday, August 2, 2010

Draft of secret accord found

On August 2, the Yomiuri reported that relatives of Eisaku Sato had found a document which corroborated the claims made by Kei Wakaizumi in his book “The Best Course Available.”