Friday, July 30, 2010

Taliban Says It Will Target Names Exposed by WikiLeaks

Channel 4 News, a British news agency, reported that the Taliban was studying the documents released by WikiLeaks.

“We are studying the report,” said a Taliban spokesman. “We knew about the spies and people who collaborate with U.S. forces. We will investigate through our own secret service whether the people mentioned are really spies working for the U.S. If they are U.S. spies, then we know how to punish them.”

This statement is actually an indication that the Taliban was working together with the people who wanted to keep the truth concealed. This statement allowed the West to argue that WikiLeaks had put people’s lives in danger by releasing those documents on Afghanistan. So in this case, the Taliban and the West were working together to convince the public that the truth should remain concealed.

This will not stand.

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