Sunday, June 27, 2010

Theater of the absurd

Politico published an article called “Theater of the absurd” on June 27, 2010.

“Welcome to what one exhausted adviser calls the ‘theater of the absurd,’ where a White House is whipsawed by wild, almost unimaginable events that threaten to reshape the public perception of the Obama presidency at every turn,” said Politico.

As examples of these events, Politico cited the Stanley McChrystal article in Rolling Stone and the episode in the Deepwater Horizon saga when a robot knocked off the cap on the oil well.

“All you can do is smile at the absurdity of these things piling up,” said one person close to Obama.

The article forgot to mention me and what my government has been doing to me, but I am pretty sure the Obama administration had me in mind when this article was written.

“Obama advisers talk of being prisoners to uncontrollable events and deeply uncertain about how all of this will play out,” said Politico.

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