Thursday, June 10, 2010

Robert Gates interview

Robert Frost interviewed Robert Gates for Al Jazeera on June 10, 2010.

“If you are looking ahead, would you expect good news of non-proliferation to come first from Iran or North Korea?” said Robert Frost.

“If there is a difference in time I suspect it will be a nanosecond,” replied Gates.

This implies there is some sort of link between the two issues. Perhaps both of those nations are waiting for the other to disarm before disarming. East Asia controls North Korea. The West controls Iran. Perhaps East Asia and the West are only willing to give up their attack dog if the other side gives up their attack dog too.

Robert Gates also talked about Afghanistan in the interview.

“A failure in Afghanistan, for NATO, I think will have consequences for a long time to come,” said Robert Gates. “Not just for the United States but for the alliance itself having made this commitment, and so I think these conflicts, however one might agree or disagree how they started, the outcome matters a great deal.”

Here Gates is implying that Europe is responsible for whether or not the mission in Afghanistan succeeds. He is basically threatening to dissolve NATO unless Europe fixes Afghanistan. This gives further credence to the idea that Europe does control the Taliban.

And notice he implies that Europe was not happy about how the war in Afghanistan started. This is almost an admission that America either knew about 9/11 before it happened or was responsible for the attack.

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