Sunday, May 23, 2010

A coherent and complete telling of Project Artichoke

In the comments section of the article on Project Artichoke, Jennifer Van Bergen wrote the following:
What is needed is a coherent and complete telling of the story of Project Artichoke, perhaps through the eyes of one person (whether a perpetrator or victim), which may be impossible.

The problem with telling the story through documentation is that (as scholars) you need to stay very close to the documents, to the very words written, leaving the conclusions either unspoken or merely suggested. Some people can't follow.

And how can the real human horror be known? What is it like to be given a heroin or sedative suppository and then be subjected to painful procedures while the pain-killer wears off?

What is it like to have your mind broken and to know that even if you could describe it, nobody will believe you?

Where are the people who were subjected to these "sessions"?
I’m right here.

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