Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanic Ash Forces Obama to Cancel Poland Trip

ABC News reported that Obama would not attend the funeral of Lech Kaczynski. The ash spewed by the volcano in Iceland had prevented him from flying to Poland.

This would not be the last time a volcano would interfere with the overseas travels of Obama or Hillary. Volcanic eruptions (and earthquakes) would continue to plague their overseas travels throughout their administration. This has led me to believe that the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes are man made. Someone was creating them to send a message to someone else.

In this case, perhaps, Europe was sending a message to Obama. We don’t like you, Mr. Pacific President, and we don’t want you to attend the funeral of one of our leaders. On the other hand, perhaps America caused the eruption. Perhaps we wanted to give Obama an excuse for not attending the funeral. Perhaps we were angry with Europe for some reason. As a third possibility, perhaps East Asia caused the volcanic eruption because they did not want Europe and America to draw closer to one another (which may have happened had Obama attended the funeral). I tend to discount this last scenario because I don’t believe East Asia has the capability to cause a volcano in Europe to erupt without the European authorities knowing about it.

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