Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PPO... What's that?

An anonymous person posted the following on GlobalTalk 21:

Now more than ever we need some smart commentary on the PPO and what is going on: 1) the request to review the case was made, I believe, by the same group who put in the initial complaint, yet we literally have no idea who they are; 2) decisions from the PPO came prior to an important election in both cases; 3) the PPO behaves as if it is engaged in a media campaign aimed at affecting party/cabinet support levels, rather than a determination of evidence; 4) the MSM is happy to leak PPO-fed information verbatim without questioning whether they should be used in such a way, and doesn't spend any resources trying to understand actually what is going on inside the PPO.

I have no idea how to explain these things. Hence I turn to you. How can we explain this? Or, knowing that you're busy as all hell of late, do you know anyone who can?
At the time this was posted, no one, including me, seemed to know what this person was talking about. To begin with, we didn’t even know what PPO stood for. But Mr. Okumura knew what this guy was talking about, as he would reveal later on.

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