Friday, April 9, 2010

Court orders state to disclose Okinawa reversion papers

In Japan, a district court ordered the government to disclose documents that indicate the existence of a secret agreement on financing of the reversion of Okinawa.

“The bilateral secret pact to finance the Okinawa reversion is closely related to the current situation in Okinawa,” said the lawyers who represent the plaintiffs. “We expect this ruling to provide an opportunity to reexamine the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and U.S. bases in Japan, and seek how Japan can achieve peace.”

After initiating the investigation into the secret agreements, you would think Katsuya Okada would have supported the plaintiffs. Instead, he bemoaned the ruling.

“I don’t think (the government) will accept this (the ruling) as it is,” said Okada.

In INDB, next to this quote, I wrote the following.
Why? Because then the people will know the truth? You need to have an informed population to have a real democracy. I knew Japan wasn't serious about being a democracy.

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